Grading Across The Globe

As many of us have experienced during the pandemic, working and communicating remotely has become a part of everyday life and this change in demand has also lead to technological advancements that have made this way of working seamless.

Narduzoo Too have fully embraced the freedom that remote working brings, by becoming a remote grading company taking advantage of the best options i.e. Frameio, Clearview, Davinci to Davinci and the upcoming options offered by Davinci 18.

Remote Post-Production has the potential to bring together specialists around the globe to work on the same project at the same time from their own studios; people who might otherwise be unable to collaborate. The freedom and possibilties of this way of working are endless.

Working Safely Together Again

We are able to offer a no compromise end to end remote post solution.

  • 4K HDR Dolby Vision certified grading suite.
  • Documentary work including full restoration as well as grade finishing.
  • High speed fibre connectivity for sending and receiving large files.
  • Choice of feedback options via, Clearview and Davinci to Davinci for grade reviews and approval.
  • Full end to end post packages, including audio, online and deliverables.
Narduzzo Too Grade Suite